A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)

A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)
I think these are Clematis (but don't quote me!) - This picture was taken by my bus stop

Friday, December 30, 2011

Great Comments Award! Happy New Year!

I am extremely honored to have been given the "Great Comments Award" from Lorelei Bell.  THANK YOU.  Here's a link to her web page: Lorelei's Muse

Since I made it to the Internet in my weakened state (I have a cold), I also want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I can't believe we are already in 2012.  To think that 2012 was so far away in my youthful days of the 1970's and here I am, like it or not, into the future.  I can go on - as my posts usually do - from here and there and back again but I will mercifully stop here. 

if you haven't noticed my Blackberry has been silenced, except for a comment here and there, but I will resume as soon as I get rid of this cold.  I must leave you to grab the 100th cup of tea I've made myself today. 

2011 has been wonderful to me.  I've made many new friends in the U.S. and internationally (thank you Twitter!) who have all inspired me to continue my quest to become the best writer I can be.  Thank you all.

There have been many firsts in 2011 and I hope to continue this trend in 2012.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sorry I Can't Be That Kind of Blogger...

That writes every day.  I just don't have the time.  There's so many projects hanging over my head but it's all good.   I hope you understand.  Besides my writing projects, I also have to keep up with my health.  I am woefully behind my exercise.  Need I say that this week in particular has been the pits for exercise?  Since Monday I probably got maybe one hour or exercise, if that.  I've been glued to my chair for seven straight hours today.  My tush is hurting me.  Yes, but do you think I can get up?  No.  I have too many deadlines I've imposed upon myself.  Once I go back to work, I'll have even less time to write.  As soon as I'm done here, I'll have to go back to my two short stories and also try tackling more of Celeste.

So far though the week has been very good to me.  Besides submitting the review for 'Vampire's Trill,' I also wrote a blog that hopefully will be available online.  As soon as I know, I will let you know.

I'm very excited that my book review is now also on http://frogenyozurt.com/2011/12/vampires-trill-by-lorelei-bell-a-first-review/.

In the meanwhile I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.  Wish you all much prosperity and may all your dreams come true.

P.S. I think I also like this font.  It's so much easier to read. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Review of 'Vampire's Trill' by Lorelei Bell


Here is my very first book review!  I told you I'm a late bloomer...

Seriously folks, I truly enjoyed Lorelei's books - the first one I won, the second I bought - and am looking forward to reading more of Sabrina Strong's adventures. Without further ado...

    'Vampire's Trill' continues where 'Vampire Ascending' leaves off, but fear not, you need not have read the first book to follow the plot and understand what's at stake (pardon the pun) in Sabrina' s life -- though I highly recommend it.   'Vampire Ascending' was an exciting and fun read from beginning to end, and this book is no different.

    What's it like to be Sabrina Strong?  She's one tough cookie.   She's struggled all her life against the world's stereotypes of her -- you see, she's a Touch Clairvoyant -- but the predicament she finds herself in 'Vampire's Trill' really raises the bar.   And for someone who can't even get a date, Sabrina is awfully popular these days.  Everyone wants her, but why?   There's Bjorn Tremayne the handsome master Vampire who first hired Sabrina to uncover some nefarious goings-on in his organization, but who now desperately needs help of his own, and Vasyl, the Rogue Vampire who has been unknowingly lurking in Sabrina's life but will soon reveal his true intentions.  Sabrina finds that the fate of the world is in her hands.  Is she the sybil Bjorn's enemies fear?  The mystery deepens -- no one's life is safe from danger  -- and there's plenty of romance too, as the once untouchable Sabrina is suddenly in hot demand. 

    Lorelei Bell makes the incredible, credible - a mark of a great story teller - and what a world she's created:  Vampires, Shape Shifters, and Werewolves as they cohabitate with the human race, and sometimes it's difficult to tell who is the most  inhuman. 

    In short, 'Vampire's Trill' is fun, exciting and entertaining, filled with mysterious twists as Sabrina uncovers the evil plot afoot.  I am not into Vampire fiction as a rule, but Lorelei  Bell has made a believer out of me.  I love Lorelei's blend of mystery, romance and humor and most important, her inventiveness.  She has fashioned an incredible, fresh new world.  I can't wait for the next installment in the Sabrina Strong series.