A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)

A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)
I think these are Clematis (but don't quote me!) - This picture was taken by my bus stop

Friday, December 30, 2011

Great Comments Award! Happy New Year!

I am extremely honored to have been given the "Great Comments Award" from Lorelei Bell.  THANK YOU.  Here's a link to her web page: Lorelei's Muse

Since I made it to the Internet in my weakened state (I have a cold), I also want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I can't believe we are already in 2012.  To think that 2012 was so far away in my youthful days of the 1970's and here I am, like it or not, into the future.  I can go on - as my posts usually do - from here and there and back again but I will mercifully stop here. 

if you haven't noticed my Blackberry has been silenced, except for a comment here and there, but I will resume as soon as I get rid of this cold.  I must leave you to grab the 100th cup of tea I've made myself today. 

2011 has been wonderful to me.  I've made many new friends in the U.S. and internationally (thank you Twitter!) who have all inspired me to continue my quest to become the best writer I can be.  Thank you all.

There have been many firsts in 2011 and I hope to continue this trend in 2012.



  1. Thank you Nicole. I want to follow you but I don't know how!!! There's always something new to learn on the Internet, isn't there? How do I follow you on Google+ Connect? I hope I don't have to give up my first grandchild (ha ha).

  2. Congrats and Happy New Year! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Congratulations! I hope your cold goes away soon. I'm fighting one over here, too. Ugh.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year to you, too! Congrats on the award. Lorelei rocks.

  5. Hey, congratulations on the award--hehe (I gave it to you) (^;

    Here's hoping you feel better soon in 2012!