A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)

A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)
I think these are Clematis (but don't quote me!) - This picture was taken by my bus stop

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am so Grateful and Pictures of the Finished Bathroom - Part Deux


Sorry I had to publish the previous post even though I have a lot more to say.  After I copied the pics of my remodeling, the screen froze so much that I could hardly type so I decided on this follow-up post.  Anyhoo,  the remodeling went better than I expected and I am elated.  I learned so much from the whole experience.  The first is that I have to stop feeling like a little girl who is asking for the impossible.  The contractor was wonderful.  His work was top-notch, but despite this, there's always something that you see that you want fixed.  And here I stumbled.  I started feeling anxious at the very idea that I had to speak up; that I had to demand.  Duh, I paid him good money for him to do this work so why am I afraid to speak up?  I'll tell you why -- deep down I have the "I want to be liked" syndrome.  That's how I was brought up.  A girl/woman should be liked above all things; they shouldn't be too demanding, etc., etc., etc.  Well I did not cave in to these old tapes and I rose to the occasion.  Furthermore, he went ahead and fixed them to my satisfaction so I'm very proud of myself.  I think this was one of the reasons why I dreaded redoing the bathroom in the first place!  Ah, the things we hide from ourselves.  How creatively we spin our web of lies. 

The second thing I learned is that people will become jealous.  People you never thought in a million years would get jealous.  I took offense at someone's remark who thought it was funny -- I'm sure he didn't think I would lose sleep over it -- but I did not see the humor in it at all.  It hurt me but on the positive side I learned that I am no longer that person who will let people walk all over them.  That person is gone.

All in all, the remodeling was a good experience all around.  Have you ever felt anxious about speaking up?  Is there a decision, action you are neglecting to make?  Do you know why?


  1. Sounds like everything turned out ok, and that's what's important. At least he was willing to fix the mistakes.

  2. Yes - you are so right Donna. Thanks for stopping by.