A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)

A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)
I think these are Clematis (but don't quote me!) - This picture was taken by my bus stop

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some Good News on the Blackberry Front or As it's Commonly Known as... the "BB"

Yesterday you've heard me complain about another Blackberry (BB) upgrade.  Today I have some good news.  Remember the Column View feature I so dearly missed?  Well it's back - sort of - kind of.   For instance I was very intrigued by a series of articles that my blogging friend Terry Giuliano Long posted on her blog about focusing on a story  (*I will try linking to her website again:
The Art & Craft of Writing Creatively

For some reason this didn't work yesterday!  If it still doesn't work, please see my links on the right of this page!

Anyway I was checking Twitter on my BB and came upon her Tweet (I'm beginning to feel like I have a speech impediment!) *double* anyway, I couldn't read her page.  I tried using Zoom which on every other web page seems to work (I suspect that Wordpress pages might be the problem) but when I did that it blew up the page.  The only way I could read it was if I moved the cursor from side to side - very annoying.  I quickly closed out of it.  If I didn't have my notebook handy I wouldn't have gone back to read the articles, which are very good by the way.  Today, mindful that my BB upgraded itself during the night, I poked around to see if anything radically different occurred.  The first thing I did is look at the Webpage Options.  Sure enough under Browser Options you now have the option to choose "List" View.   I know that I didn't see this when my BB was first upgraded (I could be wrong) but now when I view Terry's page and I use the Zoom feature, it sizes the page exactly to my screen, enlarging the font.  You still have to watch where you place your cursor though...if you don't place it in the center when you want to scroll up and down you will again experience the "sea-sickness" I experienced when my screen moved from side to side.  Just writing about it is making me dizzy!!  I also have a very bad head cold or allergy - I'm not sure which.  I'm hoping that I can do what I promised to do today:  continue on writing my own story and cleaning the house -- my son is coming home from college.  Sorry for digressing, this is the third time now.

Another thing to look out for, fellow bloggers, and I will repeat what I said in yesterday's post, is how your page will open on other devices other than IPads, Notebooks,  IPhones and God knows what else they'll come up.  I suspect the next iteration will be that we will be all planted with a microchip-hmmm great idea for a story but I'm sure someone already thought of it.  If not let me know and I'll get started right away!  Granted technology moves too fast sometimes, but will those lagging behind be able to view and read your page?

Let me know if you've found any time-saving or new ways of navigating on your Blackberry.   I know there must be some quick keys - so far I only know "B" for bottom of screen and "T" for top of the screen.

Ciao for now.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Looks like you may have taken another step forward, but watch your self when you take two back LOL.

  2. I've got a touchpad phone now. OMG.