A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)

A Picture I Took By My Bus Stop (I will have to look up the name)
I think these are Clematis (but don't quote me!) - This picture was taken by my bus stop

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Beautiful Sunday Comes to An End

Sorry to post so late,  but life took precedence today.  I did do a little writing earlier this morning, but at about noon I closed shop and went to enjoy the day.  It was Palm Sunday after all and got to see my mother, brother sister-in-law and nephew, nieces and grand-nieces.  I love all of them to death.  We had a wonderful time.  

The past couple of weekends I've been holed up at home trying to polish and finish as much as possible before the summer starts.  The busiest time for my job is the summer.  It usually leaves me so exhausted that I don't even feel like writing.  Plus I love sitting in the sun by my pool, but I usually get some revisions done there too.  Speaking of revisions, stop by Tania Hershman's blog.  I'm enclosing a link to her website.  She has a great blog about this very subject!  I've also given her my two cents.

I hope I linked this correctly, if not, please copy and paste in your browser.


Ciao!  Hope you Have a Great Monday


  1. Hi Dora, thanks so much for the plug, here is the link to my blog post, welcome all contributions. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday!

  2. Anytime. Thanks for including your link. As you can see, I have a lot to learn when it comes to the A,B,C's of blogging! That sounds like a great article idea; now if I could just find the time to do so.

    Have a great Monday.